Solution to fight Suiciders

Suicide is running rampant right now, not supposed to be a part of this game mode, but I'm not surprised. I knew this would happen since like day 2, except I thought they would use a dark-bow from just outside the V West bank. That will come in time. Let's stop this now before that happens.

A very effective way they can protect low lvl 's is the way you and I would protect low lvls, by Piing the pkers off. I don't know why this isn't already the case, but they should be able to PJ pkers off before they can get a second hit on them.

Players Hit-points while inside of guarded areas is increased. While inside of guarded areas, players maximum HP levels are increased by the equivalent of a saradomin brew.While under the guards vigilance, players receive 50% reduced damage from other players. This will definitely make it difficult to 1 shot anyone with any weapon. The number can of course be tweaked.I'd prefer only the 1st and 2nd occur.Also anytime a skulked player drops an item, it appears immediately to everyone. I believe this is already true in the osrs wilderness. Do this for obvious suiciders reasons.And i am sure you will lose Runescape gold when you died.

Once the suiciders specs someone, his friend quickly attacks him before anyone else (and he will, since no one wants to accidentally skull) and receives the loot of both his friend and the victim. The suiciders and victim both lose their bank key, but that's not stopping this. The suiciders still wants to kill people for what they potentially have on them, or simply for the fun of it. THEY CAN'T be allowed to recover the item they used to suicide with.

I would suggest that if a skulked player dies within a guarded area, all of his items appear immediately to everyone, regardless if killed by another player. This will put an end to most of the grief, since it will be a very bad chance of his friend picking up his suiciders item in a crowd of people.

And the victim's items? I say give the victim a few minutes to get back to his items while the guards look after it, otherwise the suiciders will quickly tele back to where he died and steal his stuff. But as long as the suiciders loses his murder weapon, I guess it could still be his loot.

They could do that but it would be a huge nerf to deadman mode. I am perfectly fine with the fact that it is possible to be killed while sitting in your bank, it makes things interesting. What I am not OK with is that you can do it with no risk at all because the result is what we have going on now where people spam suicide.

That is all i want to share with you guys,have a nice day!